Teresa Táboas – Doctora Arquitecta, profesora y política Teresa Táboas, Doctora Arquitecta


How do we live in the common territory? In which walls behind the private sphere?

Cara teresa táboas


The house as a reflection of a country. We could make through them a historical follow-up of the social transformations in the ways of dwell through the architectures of our houses. The house as a refuge for a public, from what is “outside”, the dwelling as a safeguard of what is one’s own, a container of particular memory. But we cannot forget that the house, in turn, dwell the common place, the territory, the container of collective memory. And in the same way that housing shelters the structural base of our society because it is the physical space of the family cell that provokes the contextual change of public life, the territory welcomes the set of individualities converting them into a whole. And that line that closes and protects, also opens and communicates with the “outside”. And so it is that two opposite and different spaces are complementary, because the house from the conscience of “mine”, which is the greatest symbol of property and privacy, develops the social space, the common place. Territories both of which identify us as a people, because in short physical spaces are social spaces, and housing only reflects the situation of a society, at the same time as it structures social facts. The house is a territory, and the territory is our common home.