Biography – Teresa Táboas Teresa Táboas, Doctora Arquitecta
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Daughter of Ourensan emigrants from Carballiño and Beariz, she was born in Mexico City in 1961.

Doctor Architect with the Doctoral Thesis directed by the Architect D.César Portela Fernández Jardón, titled ” The Color in Architecture ” in which she obtained the highest qualification Outstanding ” Cum Laude ” with a court that was composed by the following architects: Félix Candela Juan Navarro Baldeweg Manuel de las Casas Manolo Gallego Xosé Bar Boo

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TRAJECTORY He collaborated for 6 years in the Studio of the Architect D. Cesar Portela Fernández-Jardón (National Architecture Prize in Spain). Two years working in the Town Hall of Marín as Municipal Architect. Since 1990, founded by Teresa Táboas Estudio de Arquitectura S.L., he has been developing numerous Building and Urbanism projects.


President of the Delegation in Pontevedra of the Official College of Architects of Galicia

Elected on May 15, 2003 Dean-President of the Official College of Architects of Galicia, being the first woman to accede to that position.

Vice-president of the Technological Institute of Galicia

Member of the Board of Directors of the Superior Council of the Colleges of Architects of Spain, being the second woman since 1931 in which such a prestigious Institution is founded.

Member of the Housing Committee of the Higher Council of Architects of Spain.

Appointed by the Superior Council of Architects of Spain in 2003 before the Council of Architects of Europe with headquarters in Brussels member of Urban Issues and Enviorment and Sustenaible Architecture.

Codirect since April 2005 the Social Housing work commissioned by the working group of Urbanism of the Council of Architects of Europe on the reality of public housing in the European Union.

Member of the Housing Committee of the Higher Council of Architects of Spain.

Elected assembly member by Spain being one of the 7 members of the Delegation that participated in July 2005 in the Assembly of the International Union of Architects that took place in Istambul.

From August 2005 until April 2009, he was the Conselleira de Vivenda e Solo de la Xunta de Galicia (Conselleira de Vivenda e Solo de la Xunta de Galicia).

In April 2006 she was appointed to the General Assembly of the Council of Architects of Europe, based in Brussels, Chair of the Housing Commission, and is working on the presentation of the basic lines for the housing intergroup of the European Parliament.

Since May 2009, she has been a member of the Galician Parliament.

2018 Honorary Member of the Federation of Colleges of Architects of the Mexican Republic



Invited as a juror in numerous Architecture competitions, among others in which it is worth mentioning the fact that she was a member of the jury that awards the National Architecture Prize in Spain in its 2003 edition.

1st Award for 27 V.P.O. houses in Pereiro de Aguiar (Ourense). 1st Award for the competition for a Shopping Centre in Pereiro de Aguiar (Ourense). 2nd Award Gardería in Pereiro de Aguiar (Ourense) 1st Award competition for the enlargement of the Liceo Casino Park in Pontevedra

2nd Award for the Social Sciences Library of the Campus of Santiago de Compostela. 1st Award Aquaculture Centre in Arousa Island (Pontevedra). First Award for the reform of Barcelos Square (Pontevedra).

PONENCIES She gives lectures in different Institutions and Universities, among others we can highlight: 1.- Seminar on Iberoamerican Architecture held in Seville, organized by the Junta de Andalucía – Dirección General de Arquitectura y Vivienda, with a paper on Color in Architecture in Latin America. 2.- Galician Technological Institute, Seminar on “Colour in Architecture”. 3.- San Sebastian School of Architecture “The Architecture of Luis Barragán”. 4.- Anahuac University School of Architecture ( Mexico )

5.- VI World Colour Congress organized by the World Colour Society, made up of scientists dedicated to the study of Colour, with a presentation entitled “The Colour in Architecture”. 6.- Menéndez Pelayo International University 1.999: Historical Centre Edges. 7.- Menéndez Pelayo International University 2.002 : Seminar and Nature. 8.- Forum of Urbanism for a more Sustainable Development, Seville 2.004 with a paper entitled “Urban Poverty and Sustainability”. 9.- Arca II Forum, Architecture and Quality of Life. Building and Sustainability. A possible compromise. Círculo de Bellas Artes de Madrid 2.004

10.- Seminar on Urban Renewal, Poznan ( Poland ) 2.004. 11.- 3rd Urbanism Forum for a more sustainable development. Zaragoza 2006. Lecture: The right to housing. 12.- Menéndez Pelayo International University Pontevedra 2006. Architecture as function, as representation and as culture. Lecture: Identity and Territory. 13.- International Congress of the UIA in Turin 2.008. 14.- Congress of Architecture and Gender of the ETSA of Madrid 2.008. 15.- Paper at the 103rd Assembly of the Federation of Colleges of Architects of the Mexican Republic in Oaxaca.